Bryan, Cynthia, Christine, Caroline & Mateo

As a Realtor who comes from a customer service background, my style is a little different and frankly welcomed by my clients.  Clients love that they are able to reach me on the phone, by email, text message, Facebook or any other means that is convenient to them.  If I'm not immediately available I almost always reply within 30 minutes and this accessibility is just one of many things that my clients tell me they love.

I worked as a Service Consultant in the automotive field for 12 years and while in that industry I received many awards from several manufactures for my outstanding customer service.  Not only was I able to hone my customer service skills in an industry that deals with a wide variety of clientele, but I also learned many ways to solve problems.  My problem solving skills combined with excellent customer service help aid in keeping everything together if a real estate transaction starts to get rocky.

One of my hobbies (and businesses) is photography.  This turns out to be a great asset when listing your home for sale.  I've spent a fair amount of time and money learning from professionals on how best to capture photos that flatter your home and ensure it stands above the competition. This is vitally important to sellers in a day where almost 90% of home buyers start their search online before ever even contacting a Realtor.

At home I spend time with my lovely wife Cynthia, daughters Christine & Caroline, son Mateo plus our goofy Great Dane Mr. Smith.  Another pastime I enjoy is traveling.  I like to travel by car and I've seen almost all of this great country while out on the interstates and two lane highways. 

Integrity Driving Results is more than a just a slogan for me.  This is the way I live my life.  I always operate with a high level of integrity.  This has been to my detriment from time to time, and I've realized being able to look back on life with no regrets is better than sacrificing my integrity for short term gain.  So when you choose to work with me you'll see my integrity coming through front and center, I'm honest to a fault and make no apologies. 

2016 was my eigth full year in Real Estate and in those eight years I've sold 176 homes. Which is very successful when compared to the average Realtor numbers of 3 - 6 homes per year depending on how you calculate.  Also in a survey conducted of all my past clients each one was completely satisfied with me as their Realtor and I've won the Five Star Professional award four years in a row now.  Many have also referred friends and family which is very flattering to me.

I look forward to continuing my success in the Real Estate industry with blunt honesty thus gaining more raving fans and life long clients.  If you have any questions relating to real estate at all, I would certainly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.  


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