Features to Brag about!

"Green" homes are all the rage right now. There are two main reasons for this. First, some people are real big into saving mother earth and want to make sure everything they can control has an "eco-friendly" edge to it. Secondly, most all green features mean saving money on energy costs.

Pointing out all of your green features, or updating with energy saving materials and appliances can help you win favor with most buyers. This is especially true on older homes that have been updated. If you updated your older home with a tank-less water heater, low water usage toilets, cellulose insulation, and a high efficiency HVAC then you are in a much better position than the home down the street with new paint & carpet.

It's important to remember when updating, remodeling or building a home that you take into consideration what you can do to reduce energy costs. This is a great selling feature, but also something that will allow you to enjoy your remodeled home with less expense over time. Any energy saving update that has been done to your home, even if was a built in feature when you bought the home new 3 years ago, needs to be exploited when you are selling it.

See a great article below from Realty Times that explains in more detail some of the updates and reasons to ensure everyone looking at your home knows it is a better choice than your competition.