Attitudes in Real Estate

I've noticed an amazing trend in the Real Estate Industry. While talking to other agents out there I am finding that the ones who think the market is bad aren't doing very good and the ones that think the market is good are doing great.

Some of you may be quick to say something like; well if I was doing a lot business I'd think the market was good too. However you've got it backwards. Those of us with a positive attitude are able to succeed. The power of positive thinking isn't just some catchphrase heard at motivational seminars; it's really a deciding factor on your success in any given industry.

I can tell you people are selling homes (I should bring four new homes to market in the next three weeks) and there are buyers out in the market right now like crazy. I've seen my traffic skyrocket in the last week. Unfortunately I sold most of my inventory last month and I'm only seeing the traffic increase on my three current listings.

I suggest that if you are thinking of listing your home you should probably interview several agents and if you find some with a positive attitude and proof of sales then you're going to have success getting your home sold. If the only agents you interview have a long face and talk about how bad the market is right now, keep searching. Those agents most likely aren't going to do a great job marketing your home because they are predisposed to think there is no point in their efforts.

Every time I hear an agent griping about the market I get a smile on my face. That's because I know I have one less agent to compete with :) The buyers are thinking things are turning for the better, sellers seem to notice the fact we are getting better, and I would like to know when the lion share of agents will realize the market is actually better than it's been in two years!!

Let me know your thoughts... are you seeing positive things in our Real Estate market?