Holiday Home Marketing Tips


Marketing homes for sale during the holiday season is challenging, yet for the serious seller prepared to put in some extra effort, having the only home that sells this time of year will be ample reward.

Here are some quick tips to help you outshine other Gardner, Olathe & Spring Hill homes for sale during this holiday season:

Stage Your Home for the Holidays

Christmastime is the most colorful holiday of the year.  When it comes to staging a home for sale, thisImage: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.netImage: Ambro / particular season’s décor also has the power to evoke a unique emotional reaction from potential buyers.  Choosing tasteful but appealing holiday décor can help potential buyers visualize their families in a familiar home setting, and can go far to distinguish your listing from other neighborhood homes for sale.   Attention to interior lighting is also imperative this time of year when weather can be bleak and the sunsets early.  Be sure to keep the home well lit and window drapes open to catch as much light as possible. (Make sure that windows stay clean, too!)  Playing simple holiday songs can also be inviting (though, a quick word of caution, classic instrumentals are likely more appropriate for an Open House than Frosty the Snowman & Jingle Bells).   Holiday scents can also add a homey touch:  take advantage of the wonderful smells of the holidays with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla). Charming potential buyers with the familiar smells of the holidays can make them feel at home from the moment they step into your house.

Be Available

Regardless of how you may prefer to enjoy the holiday season, remember that when a buyer calls up for a showing on a cold December, the chances are great that you will be dealing with a motivated buyer. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be calling at a time when everyone else in Kansas City is out shopping or spending time with their families. “Trust me when I tell you that EVERYONE wants to enjoy the holidays,” says Pam Weinert, commenting on   “That's why potential buyers who are out looking for homes during November, December and January are SERIOUS buyers. “  Arrange your holiday schedule to remain as flexible as possible to keep yourself available to show your property.

Be Patient

Listing a Gardner, Olathe, Spring Hill or any Kansas City home for sale in December & January can be challenging.   Buyers are picky and sellers are busy.  But for those who are willing to do what other sellers aren’t -- being the best-staged, most available and best-marketed home on the block -- can result in a rewarding sale. The best advice is to be patient and try to enjoy the process.  Listing a home for sale during the holidays does not have to be a losing proposition.  Following these quick tips and a quick sale could well be your holiday gift!