Staying Current with Homes for Sale in Kansas City


With more than an estimated 3,700,000 homes for sale in the U.S. as of November, finding the best homes for sale in the Kansas City Metro can take some knowhow and an equivalent amount of good old-fashioned persistence.

Image: vichie81 / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThere are countless websites advertising homes for sale, droves of real estate agents listing homes for sale, and, of course, local real estate sections in the newspapers all displaying segments of the market: the homes for sale that haven’t sold.

So how do you sort through all this information and find the best homes for sale Gardner, Olathe, Spring Hill or any other part of Kansas City?

The ‘top-down’ method is one way to start. There are several large websites offering comprehensive national databases of homes for sale.  The top three according the Internet experts at are:


Each of these websites can provide an overview of the homes for sale in any given market area.  A problem that some complain about with the national websites is that they are designed to make money for their publishers. Therefore it is sometimes difficult finding contact information for a home’s listing agent if that agent has not subscribed to the website’s premium listing service. Worse, the contact and other information may be outdated.  Many of the foreclosure websites in particular offer outdated or inaccurate information on homes for sale.

On the other hand, virtually every local real estate company has a website which details the area homes for sale.  This can be a prime resource, especially once you have selected an agent to work with: local agents generally offer detailed neighborhood, school, and other pertinent information in a form that is easy to find. The quality of these websites may also vary greatly, however -- and sometimes an agent’s company may not list all the MLS properties actually available, depending on listing specifications (and lead structures) governed by each listing agent.

The easiest way to find the best homes for sale in any desired neighborhood is to find a qualified real estate agent to assist you in the process.  He or she will not only have access to the most current information about your market and where trends are headed, but the best agents are constantly networking with other agents and often learn about upcoming homes for sale before they are even listed on the MLS, newspaper, or any website!