Need a Contractor?

I've run across many homes in my Real Estate career that need little fixes, or major fixes to ensure they sell quickly and for top dollar. The biggest problem when this need arises is finding a contractor. There are literally hundreds of contractors or companies you can call in Kansas City. Meeting with contractors all day to get quotes on your needed repairs can be a pain.

I found an excellent new site that helps connect homeowners and contractors without all the downfalls that some of the services bring with them. The site is and allows you to post the needed job and get quotes from several contractors (depending on the service you need). There are almost 200 contractors in Kansas City registered on the site and posting your needed service is free.

Most Real Estate agents have contacts to reliable contractors, but most homeowners want several opinions and price quotes. This service will help tremendously in those circumstances and also can be a good resource for those who are selling their home For Sale By Owner.

I haven't used this site personally yet, but I've seen great reviews and talked to a couple of agents who have great luck getting several bids for their clients, so I thought I'd pass it along. If anyone has any personal experience I would love to hear from you.