Kansas City Condo's

There are many condo's available in the Kansas City Metro, most are downtown & in the Plaza. The Kansas City condo market is tough, in total there are 845 condo's available in Jackson County. In the last three months 60 have sold. For the last six months 175 have sold. This shows a declining demand, however the winter weather could have also played a role in skewing those numbers.

Looking at the numbers we have about 30 months worth of inventory in the condo market here in Kansas City. The worst part about the whole condo situation is that many of the available condo's (218) are new, or never lived in. The average days on the market for those 218 is 556. So to say the least the condo market is not thriving.

The worst part of the country for FHA loan default is in Florida, due mostly to the condo market. There is a great article here from CNN Money that goes into great detail about how the market came to crash in Florida. The point to this post is to inform anyone thinking of buying a condo that the market is volatile all over the country and here in Kansas City there isn't much different.