Realtors Request Looser Credit Requirements...

Does the premise of that headline sound like a good idea to anyone?  Remember when things started to fall apart in Real Estate starting around 2007?  Why in the world would people want looser credit requirements?  I have a feeling that some Realtors are getting tired of not making any EASY money.  

The simple reason the market isn't rebounding as quickly as people would like is known as the Home Buyer Tax Credit from 2009 & 10.  People who maybe would have waited to buy a home this year went ahead and jumped on the bandwagon of other buyers in 2010 and made the spring numbers of 2010 way out of whack.

We had an unnatural amount of buyers then, and they were paying in the KC Metro an average of 3% more for the home than they do now.  So while the prices seemed great then, they're better now thanks to a lull in buyers and no tax credit.

This is the "real" market, and I'd say people should get used to it.  Things are improving, I've already doubled my business from 2010 and we're not even half way through the year.  But we'll not have the stupid high prices of 2006 anytime soon.  Back then the credit requirements were loose and all you needed was a pulse to get a home loan.  

When we had looser credit requirements there were a ton of foreclosures.  Now that we make sure people actually have an ability to pay the loan back there are people screaming that lending restrictions are too tight. Do we want more people being thrown out of their homes because whether or not they can repay the loan isn't important?  Should we really legislate in the favor a trade group, if it's against the best interest of the country?

How tough are these loan requirements in reality anyway. I've got lenders who can get a mortgage approved with credit scores as low as 540. I wouldn't loan someone with a 540 score a PB&J sandwich! If you have no credit at all, but have a good track record of paying your rent, utilities, insurance and other "normal" monthly bills then you're eligible for a manually underwritten loan which gives some of the best terms out there.

This is absolutely absurd & I hope the association that I'm a member of gets it's act together and realizes that all the lobbying and legislation is causing a delay in the healing of the market. We're improving, it'll continue.  By Fall the tax credit craziness will be out of the equation and closed sales will continue to grow. 

Let me know your thoughts... am I way off base.  Do I see things in the wrong light?  Perhaps I'm not greedy enough??