One Mans Trash is another Man's Sustainable Building Resource

Rolling across my daily Real Estate news read I found this little ditty on Agent Genius.  A man who builds homes from all the waste that is currently found in today's business industry.  

His name is Dan Phillips & he founded Phoenix Commotion 12 years ago in Huntsville, TX. His goal is building sustainable, affordable homes.  

I find a lot of the "Green" movement to be a bunch of marketing ploys that do little to help our environment & most campaigns overlook our most wasteful activity, throwing items away that can be used for applications other than those intended. 

When I watched the video below from Dan Phillips' talk at TED, I became inspired.  This is such a no-brainer that I'm amazed it hasn't become more popular.  Surely with the amount of people who are truly interested in helping the environment this idea will flourish!

Why spend thousands more than traditional building materials for "green" ones, when you could spend thousands less & truly be green in the process. Watch the video below and tell me what you think?