Business is Slow... I know, lets lobby Congress!

To me there is a real problem with this headline.  It isn't the American way!  I read an article this morning which is referenced and you can see HERE speaking about the National Association of Home Builders lobbying Congress for stricter energy efficiency standards on older homes.

This is of course mostly because they're concerned with the environment and saving our resources, and not because they aren't building as many houses I'm sure.  Most of you will see the sarcasm in that sentence.  There once was a time in American business where owners and associations would innovate, differentiate and make the public demand their service or product.  Now so many want the Government to mandate their product or service on the public.

This is absolutely backward from the real vision for America.  There is also the potential far reaching impacts on the real estate market if such a mandate were to be passed.  Some people buy new homes for the energy efficiency aspect.  If their old home is no longer drafty, or if they can now heat/cool it for 50% less there is now one less incentive to move.  

Perhaps I'm off base, but I'd like to see American business on all levels get back to the American way of doing business!  Get out and compete!  Innovate, not legislate!  It's the only way to be... Am I wrong?